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The MILK Books API can be accessed with the following technologies in any programming language:

  • HTTP / (HTTPS specifically)
  • REST

The API is built with the following technologies:

  • Microsoft C# .NET
  • ServiceStack

The API is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the US-west region.

If you are also using .NET, using ServiceStack client libraries can offer a shortcut for API integration.

Native Client Libraries

At this time, MILK doesn't maintain any native client libraries. This may change and may be requested.


All request to the API should be made over HTTPS for all environments (including staging and live).

Requests made over HTTP will time out and not get a response.


The API offers 4 serialization methods to send and retrieve data. The serialization method is selected using the Accept and Content-type HTTP headers. If you cannot specify the content type on the HTTP request, it can be overridden by appending a query string parameter to the URL.


JSON is the preferred serialization format. Additional serialization formats can be reqested if necessary.


The API endpoint has a metadata page associated with it at /metadata i.e.

The metadata page provides access to XSDs describing the types, as well as details about the API actions.


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