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An Order is a Basket that has gone through the checkout process to become a placed order. The orders are only visible to the users who created them, and cannot be modified.




Returns a list of all existing orders for the currently logged in user

/order/{Guid}GETReturns a order for the specified {Guid} and the currently logged in user
/orders?ProjectGuid=GETReturns a list of all existing orders for the currently logged in user and the projectGuid specified in the query string.


The following details are returned about a order.

Data Type
OrderGuidGuidYUsed to uniquely identify a order
OrderNumberIntegerYA customer friendly order number, unique to the order, assigned when the order is placed
CurrencyStringYThe 3 letter ISO code of the currency the order was processed in, for example, "USD"
CreatedDateUtcDateTimeYThe date time the order was created as a basket, in UTC
LastSavedDateUtcDateTimeYThe date time the order was last saved, in UTC
CompletedDateUtcDateTimeYThe date time the order was completed, in UTC
LinesArray Of Basket LinesYItems in the basket.
SubTotalDecimalYTotal amount of the order before shipping and discounts are applied
DiscountTotalDecimalYThe total amount the order was discounted by
ShippingTotalDecimalYThe total amount paid for shipping on the order
OrderTotalDecimalYTotal amount payable for the order
StatusOrderStatusYThe current status of the order
ShippingMethodStringYThe name of the shipping method the order was shipped by
ShippingAddressOrderAddressYThe address the order was shipped to
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