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The MILK Books API tries to use the appropriate HTTP error code to inform you of what went wrong.

Status CodeDescriptionInformation

Everything went fine.

204No ContentEverything went fine (there was no body to include)
400Bad Request

This code is returned if the request:

  • Included information that was malformed (couldn't be deserialized)
  • Referred to entities that do not exist (invalid project guid etc)

There are 2 ways to get a 401:

  • Invalid API Key
  • Invalid Session Id

The HTTP status description will indicate which reason it is.

404Not Found

The entity referred to in the URL does not exist.

i.e. The Guid of basket which has been deleted passed to GET /basket/{Guid}

500Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unhandled error during processing the request

i.e. Could not contact database, transaction failed on commit, etc.

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