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Baskets are an order which hasn't been finalized. A User must make a basket and add Projects into it (by creating Basket Lines) in order to place a print order. The baskets are only visible to the users who created them, and can only contain projects that the user created. Once the user is satisfied with the basket, a Checkout URL can be requested.



/basketPOSTCreates a new basket

Returns a list of all existing baskets for the currently logged in user

/basket/{Guid}GETReturns the details of a basket identified by Guid
/basket/{Guid}DELETEDeletes the basket identified by Guid


The following attributes are for creating or updating a basket. (Currently nothing is required to create a basket)

FieldData TypeRequiredInformation

The following details are returned about a basket.

FieldData TypeRequiredInformation
GuidGuidYUsed to uniquely identify a basket
CreatedDateUtcDateTimeYThe date time the basket was created, in UTC
LastSavedDateUtcDateTimeYThe date time the basket was last saved, in UTC
LinesArray Of Basket LinesNItems in the basket.
OrderTotalDecimalYTotal amount payable for the order.
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